Remake: PRS: In the Archive (2)

Cara Davies has been researching in the Arnolfini archives for Performance Re-enactment Society’s Group Show.  The show will respond to key works from Arnolfini’s past. Here is a selection of photos from the archives.

Archive image from the exhibition Magical Consciousness

Reading room catalogue for Tom Saddington’s performance The Can and Cigarette Package Project, 1980

Exhibition catalogue for Plastic, 1996

Exhibition catalogue for Boyd Webb’s Tableaux, 1978

I Cannot Offer You A Specific Proposal… by Michael Upton, 1972. Shown as part of A Sense of Place, 1981.

Brochure information on Arnolfini Building Site Tours taking place on 27 June, 2004.

Brochure Information on Quarantine & Company Fierce’s performance Susan and Darren, 2006.

Brochure information on Gina Pane exhibition, 2002.

Brochure information on Gloria’s performance Night After Night, 1993.



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