Redux : Speakers : Terry O’Connor

Between now and 8 December, we are introducing the speakers for the Redux symposium at Arnolfini. To book tickets for the symposium, click here.

Terry O’Connor has been part of Sheffield based Forced Entertainment, since 1986. In 2009 she received an AHRC Creative Fellowship at Roehampton University, exploring collaborative methodology through the research project Say the Word. She was appointed Professor in Contemporary Theatre and Performance Practice at the University of Sheffield in 2011.

For Redux, she will be giving a presentation titled ‘Like/unlike’. She writes:

I’ve been thinking about process as a continuous archiving of sorts, a sifting of moments that we like, or don’t like, moments that are like or unalike other things we’ve seen, done, read or imagined. Thinking also about the selectivity of archive in other ways, as I trawl London, looking for a copy of Can’s The Lost Tapes. In this edit of 30 hours of archived but forgotten documentation of their sprawling experimental methodology, the process becomes the exclusive, the rare (costly) collectors item. Wondering about the promise of  completion in archive, the complete collection or the Borgesian library, that promise of an infinitely open and generative store shifting kaleidoscopically, moment by moment, yielding something particular at every point of contact.

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